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International: to be, or not to be


To be honest, I don´t remember the last time I talked to a person who doesn´t speak English… Oh no, wait, I do. We were celebrating a friend’s birthday and a friend of ours from Sweden brought two of his sisters to the party. We were 15 people at the party from 12 different nationalities. Imagine how surprised and puzzled we were when we realized that those two sisters couldn´t say a word in English. Yes, they just didn´t speak English. In the end they had to spend the whole night talking only to each other as their brother was busy having fun with his friends from all over the world.

Of course I´m exaggerating when I say that I don´t remember talking to people who don´t speak English. It's not difficult to find people here in Spain who don’t speak a word of English. Should we be so much attached to our cultures? Should Catalan people only speak their language? Aren’t we all in one way or another ignoring the fact of globalization?

Let´s have a look at it from one side. We are not so much into the traditions and customs of our native cultures as our grandparents are. Nowadays, people like to travel around the world, learn different languages and meet people from different countries. By doing so, however, we tend to forget about our own culture and traditions. Take myself for instance; when I speak Russian I sometimes find it easier to use some English words. This makes me feel ashamed of myself when I am in my country. Children no longer know their own history or culture. We seem to be gradually moving further and further away from our roots. In my opinion, this situation makes all nations look all the more alike. Countries are losing their originality and in a couple of centuries people will have lost their interest in travelling as all countries will have become reflections of the same reality.


Still, would you be able to refuse “being international”? It is an essential feature for being successful in the modern world. Take a look at your friend list on Facebook. I´m quite sure that you’ll see plenty different nationalities but you still get along with all those people, don’t you? When you visit a new country you don´t feel lost anymore; you’ll always find McDonalds, Starbucks, Gucci, BMW, HP, Nokia... Just go for a walk in the centre of Barcelona and you will hear people speaking French, German, Swedish, Russian and Japanese around you, to name a few. I believe there is no future without globalization. Wouldn´t it be easier for everyone if everybody spoke the same language? Maybe there would be less wars and political conflicts.

Being international, in my opinion, means being open-minded. This is precisely why I’m in favor of being international!

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