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New retail jobs, which have been raised up by technology


The ecommerce in Europe is growing exponentially. The online retailer industry will increase by 14 percent until the end of 2017, say the experts. There are two main keys in retail that are changing the game: the rapid developments in technology and the consumers, becoming more demanding and less willing to tolerate failure.

Nowadays we can check a product on our mobile phones, tablets or PC while we ride the bus back from work or at the beach sunbathing. We buy goods online and via our mobile phones as well as in stores, and that creates a need to exist both physical and virtual client support. Considerable technical prowess is needed in order to manage the customer journey on different devices.

For example, some brands recently launched virtual changing-room mirrors in its stores. Shoppers in a hurry can easily try on clothes virtually, visualizing what they'd look like without having to waste time standing in line, getting undressed, trying on the clothes, and getting dressed again.

With new technology coming on stream every few months, the challenge is growing. Retailers must structure their businesses to ensure they make shopping an easy and enjoyable experience through every channel. Those that get it right will last on the market. Others will become obsolete. The transition from old to new was rarely seamless and led to the rise and fall of not just individual businesses but entire industries. An example is the story of Nokia.

Nokia was a top mobile brand and in theory did nothing wrong, but just not innovate enough and were blown away by Apple. Apple's take off, along with Google's Android system, has mirrored the decline at Nokia and RIM. The conclusion? When you play the game of the rise of technology, you either adapt or you die.

New retail jobs, which have been raised up by technology - TSP Blog

Would you like to form part of the new world of retail? Let´s see more concretely the retail jobs that have raised up by the technology and what skills you need to exercise them:

- Inbound marketers and Community managers: 
Inbound marketers and community managers are some of the most in-demand retail marketing jobs. Strong writing skills and SEO experience are helpful in landing one of these roles. A Community Manager is the face of a company, managing communications in both directions. As a community manager, you will be responsible for all communications, PR, social media, events, and content creation, among other things. As an inbound marketing manager, you will not just produce flashy content but also generate leads and revenue.

- Email marketers:
Once a customer purchases something, chances are that they’ll be put on an email list for future offers. As an email marketer you may write the copy for emails retailers send out to customers, examine analytics and oversee targeting campaigns. Writers who can create unique product descriptions and develop engaging copy for email marketing campaigns are in demand.

- Brand Managers:
A brand manager is responsible for the overall image of a product or a person. Helping create designs and layouts for print and digital advertising concepts signage and collateral. A Brand Manager is responsible for adapting a brand strategy for a company's target market. Working within the fashion industry as a Brand Manager you will work to the objective of maximizing the sales volume and profitability of a department store concession.

- Mobile developers and designers:
The shift to online buying is creating a bigger need for IT professionals, software developers and Internet-savvy employees who can organize and refocus retailers’ marketing and sales efforts using social media and digital channels. Demand for mobile developers across platforms has never been stronger as the industry tries to keep up with surging demand.

Are you some of the above-mentioned specialist? Or are you looking for a job that matches the above job descriptions? Than have a look at our retail job offers and remember customer service is still the No. 1 skill needed in retail. Customers want great service no matter how they’re shopping.

Writen by Artemis Spiridou

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