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How do you improve productivity of your workplace?


It´s mid-August, officially the hardest time of year to stay productive at the office. So unless you want to spend all of September in panic mode, it’s worth thinking about how to stay productive even while the sun is shining and your Instagram friends can´t stop publishing stories from their gorgeous vacations.

In this digital, “always-on” world, technology affords us greater flexibility in how we communicate, as well as where and how we work. The problem is, being connected 24/7 also makes it difficult to maintain a proper work/life balance and can impact workplace engagement and productivity. Many of us make the mistake of not disconnecting from work-related technology when taking breaks, which can decrease the quality of break time and the ability to recharge. Leave the technology behind when taking a break to fully take your mind off work.

Set Clear Goals
You will be more motivated if you know what you are expected to achieve. Clearly stating goals or having a company vision provides guidance for everyone. Short-term goals, in particular, are effective in encouraging. Set week goals and put deadlines in order to properly manage your speed in doing tasks and meeting targets. Don´t leave things for the last moment, it´s better to be prepared for September when everyone will be back from holidays.

How do you improve productivity of your workplace? - TSP Blog
Work remotely
Increased mobility can break down barriers to productivity. Sometimes we do better if we are allowed to work in locations we find more comfortable, such as our homes. In other cases, travel is simply too expensive or time-consuming, and telecommuting, remote working or even co-working are viable options. Some companies allow their employers to work one day per week from home and that´s a great advantage in the hot summer days. If you company is not offering this solution at least ask for summer working hours. Staring your day early and having the possibility to enjoy your afternoons out of the office will highly improve you productivity.

Communicate Effectively and Efficiently
Communication, without a doubt, is a crucial aspect of business operations. Without an effective system of communication in place, you will have difficulty in achieving goals and even in functioning properly. Communication here, by the way, is not just the simple use of devices, such as phones or verbal and written exchanges of information. It is about designing and using communication systems that are appropriate for the needs of a business or company.
Having an intern communication system in your company is a great way to stay productive when your coworkers are on vacation. Apart of being able to share work relate information or even your holiday experience, having and intern communication channel is essential for effective working communications. If you are the one going on a vacation, make sure you leave everything clear and organized for your coworkers, this will help them stay productive. Effective and efficient communication means that employees should know the hierarchy and expertise within the company. They should know who to reach out to regarding their concerns.

Stay positive
Working in August has many pros, especially for the people working in the big cities. Low traffic, little to do, entering half an hour later and sneak out 30 min before, it's like being on vacation without having to count it as a vacation day. On the other hand heading to the beach the first week of September it's cheaper, less stressful and everyone feeling the post-vacation blues back in the office will wish they were you.

The typical motivation killers like lack of organizational vision, absence of opportunities for professional development, poor communication systems, autocratic management styles, and the feeling of lack of appreciation are much more noticeable in the summer months. Before or after you vacations is a critical time, when you need to put an extra effort in order to stay focused, organized and productive. Maintaining and enhancing productivity in the workplace is not very easy to accomplish but with the above-mentioned simple tips we hope you will enjoy august in the office.

Writen by Artemis Spiridou

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