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New trend in Recruitment - QR codes


A new trend which is growing within recruitment and which is seen more every day while screening candidates; the square with funny black and white shapes in the corner of a CV. The same square we have seen on our blackberry, on advertisements, on posters, online and even in some stores – the QR code.

What is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response and it is a type of barcode, which can be scanned by a smart phone. They are mostly used to display an image, text or number or to access a web page. The use of QR codes has increased significantly during the last 6 months and although it was initially created to track parts in vehicle manufacturing, nowadays we see QR codes used for a great variety of things.

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How can we use QR codes in recruitment?

The truth is that using QR codes in recruitment is not a new trend. Many big companies such as Google, Adidas, Siemens and Pepsi are already using them. But to give you some concrete ideas of exactly how QR codes are used, here are a few examples:

- When there is not enough space in a magazine ad, a job posting, a blog or in social media - using a QR code gives you the possibility to provide detailed reference or more information.

- In Career fairs or college events - a QR code allows a potential candidate to access information (e.g. a direct link to the company's career site) without having to wait in line. Also if a potential candidate brings a QR code that contains their CV, it is easy for the recruiter to upload this information to their database.

- On a business card - by having the QR code on the back of your card, you can provide a quick access to your company website or career site.

- QR codes are actually trackable, so when using them as social media you have a way to track where the candidates came from and create solid data analysis of your social media success rate.

- In text messages for potential candidates - they can be attached to a message as a picture or they can actually also be used to send messages.

- As invitations - with a QR code, invite people to join talent communities or to participate in contests.

- Create calendar events - individuals can sign up for specific events as items can easily be saved on a phone’s calendar.

- Create innovative and fun merchandising using a QR code. To give an example; Google created T-shirts with QR codes. Be innovative and find new ways to use a QR code that adapts to your recruitment needs and the type of candidates you want to target. One thing is for sure: your company will be perceived as forward thinking, creative and cool!

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