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When starting your own business, one of the first tasks is to gain clients and complete sales deals in order to generate revenue, essential for financial health. Once revenues are high enough so that the company breaks even or (what every entrepreneur hopes for) makes a profit, you will start to notice the need to hire new employees in order to meet sales expansion or complete tasks in other areas such as finance, legal, operations, IT etc. There are many ways to recruit; hire a HR Manager, ask for references from friends, colleagues and employees or post on job portals. You need to find the fans of your brand and entice them to join the company.

Here I want to highlight that not only big brands have fans. Of course, companies like Nike, Zara, Amazon, etc. have millions of followers and millions of clients around the word, so you may think that recruiting for such companies is easier, but how do popular brands distinguish a simple user from a fan who has potential to become an employee? On the other hand, even the relatively small businesses have fans, people who love the brand, who follow every release you make, who are spreading the word without you asking (the best type of marketing). Why not take advantage of those fans and their networks to facilitate your recruitment process?

Recruit candidates or fans - TSP Blog

Recruiting takes a lot of time and effort and, I won´t lie, gaining real fans can be even more time consuming, but when you recruit a fan you ensure that this person will fit your working culture. Becoming part of the community is something very important for new employees. It´s proven that if they are not able to get along with your existing staff within the first 3 months, you will have to replace them and repeat the whole recruitment process, costing precious time and resources. If you recruit a fan, he already knows how your company works, they will have seen pictures on your social media accounts (which of course you have!) of your office and staff and they are familiar with what you do. So this makes things a lot easier for you, the candidate and your team. But let’s see how we can attract fans and how to benefit from it.

Having online presence is essential for gaining fans. Social media is not just helpful when it comes to increasing sales sharing your products or services and showing who you are, but also to show your audience what your company is all about and put a face to your brand. This is the best strategy when it comes to interaction with your followers. You must be transparent if you want to attract the best talent. The better the quality of fans that visit and interact with your page, the more likely others who are researching your company or product will do the same.

An online presence is more than just a communication medium serving as a company’s welcome mat and customer service platform to engage users. Social media can serve as a recruiting and sourcing tool, just like a company blog, allowing you opportunities to directly engage and educate your target candidate market. It´s confirmed that:
- 59% of employees say the social media presence of a company was part of the reason they chose their workplace,
- 75% of the potential hires aren´t actively searching.
- 89% of the companies plan to recruit on social media.
All fans can be possible candidates, but not all candidates are necessary fans. If someone is a good fit for your open jobs, then they’re a good fit to become a fan. Create a social media policy so that your recruiters, employees, friends, and fans can share job offers with other potential candidates in their social and professional networks.

Here I have given you the reasons to start using social recruitment. Once you're ready to hire, I've got some additional resources to help, including an employer branding and social media guide. Make sure you follow us on Social Media if you want to find out more tips and tricks about HR. Who knows you may be the next addition to our team!

Writen by Artemis Spiridou

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