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Top 10 Human Resources Influencers to Follow on Twitter


Everybody knows that it’s hard to grow your company while taking good care of our clients is a difficult task, especially if we are talking about a startup or a small business. It’s a known fact that it always help to have the support and the advice from others when managing multiple employees, because it is a skill that not everybody has.

In a company, the most important decisions are mostly based in financial and administration overviews, and Human Resources is often overlooked. Overall, the recruiting tasks such as training, performance management, leave management, on boarding or business culture should be more valued.

Obviously, we cannot only focus on these aspects. Others aspects like the happiness and the willingness of the employees will help increase the company’s success. The hassle starts when your void knowledge of Human Resources starts to put in question the best way to recruit your perfect workers.

Here is where the experts come in. New technologies make people interact with HR experts with the aim to improve, to learn new ideas and to get advices on how to set up a great working team. Social Networks such as Twitter have the perfect accounts to keep up-to-date with Human Resources news.

These accounts are owned by so called HR “influencers”. They usually have a long experience in the sector. It is interesting to try to define what an actual social media influencer is. In fact, we are talking about someone that has enough credibility about a particular subject and has a huge Internet presence, so they can be an essential part of a brand. However, it is important to identify a good influencer from a bad one, because they have to match the vision and values of your business.

So here you have the Top 10 HR Influencers that you should follow on Twitter!

William Tincup
William Tincup Twitter
Tincup is one of the most followed HR influencers on Twitter with 304 k approximately. He is the president of Recruiting Daily, a company that creates HR content and connects companies using technology and other tools they need. William is also a writer, adviser and speaker who usually tweets about Human Resources issues and interacts with his followers.

Greg Savage
Greg Savage Twitter
Savage is another HR influencer with high number of followers. He is the founder of some of the current leading recruitment companies such as People2People, Firebrand Talent Search and Recruitment Solutions. Greg is also known for his ability to write good articles about HR.

Jennifer McClure
Jennifer McClure Twitter
McClure is the president of Unbridled Talent and the CEO of Disrupt HR. She is also a well-known keynote speaker that tweets mainly about recruiting and leadership, focusing on areas like talent shortages.

Trish McFarlane
Trish McFarlane Twitter
McFarlane is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and cofounder of Women of HR. This community supports the woman profile working in the HR industry.

Kris Dunn
Kris Dunn Twitter
Dunn is valued for the tweets he writes about ways to improve the recruitment process in innovative ways. He is also the creator of some HR blogs that focus on talent management: Fistful Of Talent and HR Capitalist.

Mark Stelzner
Mark Stelzner Twitter
Stelzner is the founder of the free career management program Job Angels, as well as the HR advisory firm Voice Of HR. He focus his tweets on the human side, touching on areas such as work-life balance and employee benefits.

Jeanne Meister
Jeanne Meister Twitter
Meister is a well-known speaker and the founder of the HR advisory and research firm Future Workplace. What makes her tweets popular are her opinions about improvement of a company’s culture and employees’ motivation.

Ryan Kahn
Ryan Kahn Twitter
Kahn tweets about ways to help employees succeed their dream job interviews. His articles are well known for his tips and his inspirational quotes.

Matt Charney
Matt Charney Twitter
Charney is known to be one of the most unique social media HR influencer, for his writing style and his articles and news from the HR world.

Dan McCarthy
Dan McCarthy Twitter
McCarthy is the director of Executive Programs at the University of New Hampshire. He’s also the writer of the blog Geat Leadership that talks about management development and leadership.

In conclusion, social media is an entertainment tool that helps to disconnect and to share whenever you want. Moreover, Twitter is definitely the Social Network that experts use to give tips on how to grow your company. Following HR influencers can be a great solution to improve your recruiting techniques, and to remember that a perfect team is related to better benefits for everyone.

Written by Laura Molas

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