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Me, Myself & Marketing: how to sell your talent


In the world of job search and recruitment, where hundreds of candidates apply for the same position every day and recruiters see thousands of faces and resumes a week, to have that one skill that sets you apart can be the deciding factor in receiving a job offer.

But how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you leave a positive and lasting impression on the recruiter, boss or company?

The way you present yourself to the market is the key for success. Whether you are pitching yourself for a promotion or about to be interviewed for the job of your dreams, creating a personal brand can come as an advantage.

Me, Myself & Marketing: how to sell your talent - TSP Blog
Here are 5 ways to highlight your profile:

Be an expert in your field of work
When looking for somebody to fill a specific position, recruiters often search for someone that presents not only the skills for the job, but also the necessary knowledge to face the everyday problems and challenges that arise.
Being up to date with the latest market trends as well as the foundations of your field of work may come as an advantage when finding innovative solutions for challenges faced in the market, and show adaptability to the company and sector of work.

Show your value
If all the candidates or employees look the same, have the same set of skills and perform the same way, telling them and their work apart may be a difficult task. Having that one ability that makes you unique may help you stand out.
Explore your education, professional experience and background. Add personal traits to your speech in order to connect with the audience and present the best solutions for the task at hand. Promote yourself, explain why hiring YOU is the best decision and set yourself apart from the next person.

Adapt to the opportunity
Applying for a job that fits your profile less means a higher probability of being excluded from the process. When it comes to recruitment and job search, quality wins over quantity.
Create a top 5 list of your dream/target companies and apply to them. Being selective with your choices is going to help the employers be selective with you. Showing genuine interest in engaging in a company whose work environment and policy fit your personality and experience best is going to make you get noticed, showing you can manage your time and priorities and have your goals and future defined.

Body language
When in an interview or presentation, the way your body “speaks” is pivotal in defining the outcome. A leadership and dominance posture with a laid-back touch is going to captivate an audience more than the kind of “negative” body language that clearly says, “I’m uncomfortable and nervous”.
Ensure your body is “open”. Making your body small is going to transmit the wrong message to the interviewers, you are going to be seen as less confident and rather shy, whereas looking comfortable yet maintaining a professional posture may give the right impression.

Everybody knows the importance of connections. People from different fields represent different chances.
Expand your network of contacts whether through attending networking events or by having coffee with a friend of a friend, opportunities may arise from different directions. Grab the opportunity when you see it. Promote yourself in front of a wider audience and listen to the people around you. To show yourself with approachable attitude can present as a benefit.

Also, don’t neglect the contacts you already have. To keep in touch with your current connections is as important as gaining new ones.

Overall, personal marketing is in many ways more important than your experience or skills, so make sure to pay the necessary attention to details when engaging in the battle for the job search.

Written by Susana Ramos

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