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Next Stop, The United Kingdom


Nowadays more and more people take the decision to move to the United Kingdom. This week we decided to prepare a little guide to help you with accomodation, paperwork and job hunting.

Tips on how to settle in:

Get a place to live
In the UK, finding a place to live is not an easy job. Take your time to consider different accomodation options but as soon as you spot a nice place to live, go for it because deals are completed quickly.
When renting a room or an apartment, be ready for a interview with the current housemates. As there is a high demand for accomodation, the current tenants will always have the chance to choose the new Flatmate. Therefore, if you believe the place is worth it, play the game and become the best ever potential Flatmate.

Get a Bank Account
To get a Bank Account you need a proof of address (housing contract/gas bill/ internet bill…). As soon as you get any of this documents go to the nearest bank along with your passport and you will be allowed to open a bank account and a have a Debit Card.

Get a NIN (National Insurance Number)

- Step 1: Call the phone number 0345 600 0643 at Jobcentre Plus during business hours to arrange a national insurance number interview. Be prepared, it is usually busy – very busy. The times offered will be during business hours and available times will depend on how busy they are and arranged at an address nearest to you.

- Step 2: Prepare documents for interview. After scheduling an EOI (evidence of identity) interview, you then have to gather your documentation for the interview. Everyone who works in the UK requires a National Insurance (NI) Number. You can start working immediately without one, however you will be charged a hefty emergency tax until yours arrives in the post. You may also also encounter employers that ask for one, but who are not aware they can employ you without one.

Find a job
There are lots of opportunities for expats to work in the United Kingdom, with a wide range of international and multinational companies.

Nest stop, the United Kingdom - TSP Blog

Type of Contracts
Short Term

If what you are looking for is a part-time job, there are plenty of options. From temporary work to a part-time contracts, to work experience and internships.

Temporary work is very common within the country. Therefore, if you are looking for a flexibe schedule, temping would be a great option.

If what you are looking for is to kick start your professional career and you don’t have previous work experience you can join a company as an intern. Internships and Work Experiences are very common in the UK. This type of collabortion usually lasts 3 to 6 months, but can be longer.

Also, Graduate Programs are a great option to join a company. These programs generally range from 9-24 months in length. Within that period, most companies offer rotation through different department of the organisation. If it is a Generalist Program then you might be doing rotations through areas you aren’t necessarily all that interested in. If it’s a specialist program then it’s more likely that you’ll be doing rotations through department relevant to your studies.

Long Term
If you are looking for a more stable role, a permanent contract would be the best option.

Written by Ana Romero

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