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4 recruitment trends in 2018


Good news! It seems that the economic growth in Europe is looking good for 2018, which suggests an increase in the number of positions available and opportunities for recruitment. According to the Employer Outlook published by Indeed 2018, 61% of recruiters expect to hire more people in 2018 than they did in 2017.

The complexity of profiles due to new technologies and the growing importance of taking soft skills into account will intensify the race for talent.

Companies will have to make more efforts to retain their talents, whether it is by insuring the well being and health of their employees and/or by offering continuous training and coaching, so they can continue to grow within the company.
In other words, the key to both bridging the scarcity of talent and tackling the challenge of retaining employees is diversity.

5 recruitment trends in 2018 - TSP Blog

It's no longer a mystery; we live in a rapidly changing environment where new technologies are becoming more and more important in our professional and personal lives. The gap between the profile demand with specific technologies (AI, VR, Chatbots, ..) and the talents available on the market intensifies this year.

Employees who possess these skills are therefore more demanding and can easily negotiate higher wages with their future employees.

1. Enhancement of the soft skills
Softs skills are becoming even more valuable especially since they are more difficult to identify and to understand how to develop them. Despite the arrival on the market of new technologies allowing effective sourcing, soft skills still remain an area for which human appreciation remains essential. The most sought after soft skills in 2018 are customer service and written and verbal communication skills and leadership and management skills according to LiveCareer’s (2018 Skills Gap Report).

2. Well being as an integral part of the corporate culture
This trend already started few years ago, but it will be even stronger this year: companies want more and more enforcing the well-being into the company culture. Free gym membership, fresh fruit every day at the office, yoga classes with a private teacher, opportunity to work from home… are some of the benefits companies are increasingly offering. This new way of building office culture based on health and well-being allows the recruitment and retention of the best talents, but also allows companies to increase their financial health.

3. Continuous professional development is the way forward
HR managers are placing renewed emphasis on the continuous training of their employees, after having had their budgets restricted post-crisis. Indeed, roles offering upskilling and development are the ones, which the best talents seek. Most companies are reviewing their training system, often involving technological innovation but also using professional coaches onsite.

4. Diversity as a priority for businesses
Companies are better understanding how diversity can be leveraged for building lasting collaboration and a sense of belonging. One of the paths being explored is to avoid unconscious bias (based on sex, racial and ethnic and age / generation,…) that can sometimes influence hiring managers. Diversity is the first of the four main trends highlighted in the 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report released by Linkedin, the following being new interviewing tools, data and Artificial Intelligence.

Written by Mélie Vauthier

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