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How to deal with Recruitment Agencies


You might not have dealt with recruitment agencies a lot in the past and so you might not know very well how we work, so I would like to provide you with some simple and basic information on how we function and how the synergy between us and our clients goes.

What is the meaning of recruitment agencies?

We work with clients. Our clients are companies, who seek assistance in searching for their ideal candidate. That is where our job starts. We provide these companies with candidates who fulfill their requirements. Obviously, the candidates we present cannot already be known by our clients. This means that if you have applied directly for a specific job with a company and they rejected your application, in that case there's not much more we can do (at least for this specific company).
How to deal with recruitment agencies?
Help us help you

Leaving a good impression in the interview with the recruitment agency is very important, and even if we do not immediately have a position for you, we will keep your profile on file. A good impression is not easily forgotten, therefore as soon as a suitable position comes up, we will have you in mind. However, please do not forget that there are differences between interviews with companies and interviews with a recruitment agency. It is always highly recommendable to be honest in an interview, but it is of crucial importance that you are honest with your recruitment agency. The simple reason: we will most likely consider you for a number of different job offers. If you tell us straight away in the first interview what you are looking for and what kind of positions you are not interested in, you make it easier for us to find the right job for you.

Be honest

- Please be honest with your experience and your skills on your CV. Many of our clients ask for reference checks and most white lies are discovered sooner or later, which means that you will be rejected by the company.
- Do not write on your CV that you are bi- tri- or quatri-lingual if that is not the case – between all of us on the team, we speak more than 20 languages, so will most likely find out how fluent you are.
- If you do not want a certain position or do not plan to accept a certain salary, let us know beforehand, rather than trying to negotiate directly with the company about salaries.

In the end, being a suitable candidate for a job does'nt only depend on education, experience and skills, but also on how you present yourself in an interview; if you are honest, friendly and motivated.

All this put together gives us a high possibility to find you not only a job, but a job that is in line with your wishes and expectations.

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