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The path of women in the labour market


The evolution of women in labor market shows that their role in society has changed and improved, even though there are still big social struggles with centuries of existence which are a reality for many women.

In the last decades, the right for women to access higher education came more or less at the same time as the incorporation of women in the labor market. From then on, females started to be seen as workers with the same qualities as men, or even higher. It is assumed that gender inequality in the workplace has been decreasing, being a huge honor to continue fighting for that equality, as has been done for centuries.

The path of women in the labour market - TSP Blog

Despite these accomplishments, the fact remains that women’s integration and promotion in a job continues to be different from men. Thus, women should keep fighting for their rights at work and put aside historical gender stereotypes. Grow up and get married, have kids, do housework? No way! Promoting a change of mentality is essential to make women powerful workers, not only in their professional lives but also in their personal lives.

To foster this knowledge women should raise awareness of people by showing their capabilities. The willingness to feel integrated at workplace, financial independence and achieving goals are key challenges that each women should fight for on a daily basis. Furthermore, today there are thousands of different training opportunities with which females can grow academically and strength their skills, being able to take any responsibility within a company, always with effort and positivism.

Female presence in companies brings great benefits. According to several studies, an entrepreneur woman is characterized by having great initiative, a leadership role, ability to work in a team and, above all, encourages workplace diversity through recruitment. In fact, other studies about the outcomes of companies with female representation, point that the performance and organizational climate are more satisfactory. Moreover, the company benefits from a greater psychological security and a more efficient level of innovation.

Centuries ago who would have thought that women could have senior business roles in big companies? The current reality shows that women have the same leadership abilities as men. Indeed, some researchers state that companies with female representation on corporate boards obtain better economical results and retain long-term employees, because of the trust and opportunities transmitted.

Regardless of studies and corroborating evidence, there are still a lot of women who do not value and trust themselves as successful workers. Perhaps this is caused by the traditional gender discrimination triggered by society or maybe due to fear of not living up to the expectations of labor market. It is true that many employees had suffered and continue to suffer from workplace discrimination since in many cases the market still prefers male profiles even though, as already shown, there are a lot of reasons to hire women.
We must continue to encourage businesses founded by women, their training and prevail over societal obstacles to guarantee their job success!

If we have reached the point of trusting female talent in all aspects of labor, why not keep aiming for gender equality at work, in all societies, cultures and countries?

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