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Happiness at work, the recipe for employee satisfaction


Happiness at work should be defined as the workplace satisfaction and well-being generated as a result of employees’ identification and engagement with their professional responsibilities. This, in turn, promotes more willingness, creativity, innovation, productivity, companionship and passion.

Certainly, happiness at work is only possible when companies have a corporate culture concerned with taking care of their employees and clients, have good HR management and know how to promote an organizational climate supported by highly motivated teams. The HR department is responsible for promoting activities in order to make this possible.


Next you will find the 4 fundamental pillars of happiness at work:

  1. Permanent recognition and appreciation.

This should be the main responsibility of any supervisor, at any organizational level. There is no doubt it is a big step since the majority of people with supervision responsibilities are not aware of the importance of recognizing and appreciating the contributions of their teams.

2. Get employees involved in the problem solving process.

Employees tend to feel appreciated, especially when their knowledge and experience is beneficial and useful, which in turn is one of the ways to make them feel recognized as a fundamental part of their team.

  1. The learning process must be invoked on a daily basis

In companies with low innovation and productivity levels, professional training is often seen as an expense. On the other hand, in organizations where people feel satisfied and engaged with their work, professional training is seen as a core value of their corporate culture.

4. Positive work-life balance

Usually the work-life balance is the crucial element of happiness at work. It can be translated into being given opportunities such as having a flexible schedule, the ability to work from home, programing recreational activities at work and having benefits for employees’ partners and children.

Regarding the subject, at Talent search people we made a video to check our employee’s happiness:


Happiness at work is a strategic business objective and, at the same time, an inevitable result of companies’ positive organizational culture and climate.

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