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Happy Employees around the world


Customer satisfaction

Some years ago, Zendesk support platform presented its new Customer Satisfaction Survey.  Their research measures the happiness of their 65 million customers, in 137 countries around the world. Their main finding was that in countries with a high level of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the client satisfaction is greater. This happens in countries such as Australia and Canada, for instance, where costumers reach the highest degree (93%) of satisfaction.

According to the study, the Spanish clients are among the countries with the highest satisfaction rates, scoring 81%.

On the other hand, the countries with the worst degree of customer satisfaction are Argentina, India, France and Turkey.

Employee satisfaction

It’s also interesting to measure the correlation between employee and client happiness.

Regarding this subject, another study carried out by Infographics shows that there is a noticeable connection between the countries with the highest levels of employee satisfaction and the ones that provide the best service to their clients.

Canada, Australia and Germany have high degrees of happy employees and also the highest scores for customer service.  On other hand, France, China and Turkey have the lowest rates for happy employees and also have low scores for customer service satisfaction.

In conclusion, both studies show that any Company that takes care of its employees, consequently, is also taking care of its customers.

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