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Steps to build a creative CV


The expression “sometimes less is more”, makes sense in many cases. Thus, we must be aware that a creative CV doesn’t necessarily mean it is catchy. We should always notice what kind of profile we want to show to the recruiter.

Before making a creative CV there are a number of special requirements you should pay special attention to:

  • - Be careful if you are using the first ideas that come to your mind! Sometimes being too spontaneous is not the best
  • - A creative CV is better suited for a position that requires creativity
  • - Your CV should be viable
  • - You should follow the stages mentioned above to assure you are doing it right

Once you have these 4 recommendations clear, it’s time to take action! Follow the steps we give you to create an outstanding CV.


A creative CV is all about format. The advantages of making this type of CV is that you stand out from the others. You should keep in mind that the people in charge of reading CVs, revise hundreds of them daily and if your CV is eye-catching it will probably be recalled. 


  1. Analysis Stage
  2. At this stage reflect about the style and tone of your communication. The analysis stage can be divided in two parts:  Internal analysis, where you evaluate which strengths you have and highlight them and external analysis, where you investigate which target/targets you want to reach and measure how much creativity you should put into our CV.

  1. Strategy Stage
  2. Here you set the goals you want to achieve with your CV. Obviously the first goal is to get to the interview phase. You should also have a clear understanding of who your target audience is to determine the creative strategy to follow.

  1. Creative Stage
  2. As a result of the other two stages, you obtain a creative concept according to the established strategy. The creative paths are subjective, thus inspiration can come at the most unexpected moments. Therefore it is important to find a method where you have opportunity to transfer your ideas when they come to your mind.

  1. Materialization stage
  2. This is the step where you collect and put together everything you have from the other stages.  It’s a delicate phase since you are developing the final product that will be seen by recruiters.

To avoid expiration it’s important to update the content according to subsequent knowledge and experiences. You can also keep up with new trends and innovate the format.


Are you clear now on what to put in your CV? If you are lacking inspiration, take a look at Canva selection of 50 designs that might inspire you.  

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