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Employee Satisfaction is a Key for Customer Satisfaction


Employee attitude typically reflects the moral of the company. Especially in such jobs as sales or customer support where employees have direct contact with customers, employee satisfaction has a great impact on results. However don’t mix satisfaction with compensation.

Obviously both things are connected but good compensation doesn’t guarantee you a high level of employee satisfaction. Everybody who has at least an average understanding of business knows that high turnaround leads to high costs. Statistics show that six out of ten people in Call Centers are looking for other job opportunities and are ready to leave the company as soon as they find something a little bit more attractive. Underpayment and overwork which initially are supposed to save money for companies end up having a negative impact on the company’s budget and reputation.

Smart managers understand that unhappy workers are not proficient workers. Tensed and pressured environments at the workplace are not good, neither for employees nor for employers. It is clear that good compensation leads to satisfaction but it is not the only aspect which influences employee satisfaction.

A very important point which a lot of employers underestimate is the employees’ feeling of control over their life. Managers should think about ways of giving employees more possibilities of controlling their schedules and timing. Employees will appreciate managers’ assistance in helping them to keep a healthy balance between work and life. Only those employees who are happy with their private life can be productive.

A good option would be offering employees flexible work schedule or working from home whenever possible. If the employee is responsible and hardworking enough to manage his/her own workload without being at an office desk then why not? And if not why would you hire them in the first place?


Another way of increasing employees’ happiness is encouraging them to customize their workplace. Not only does it give them a sense of control but it can also ease personal issues such as back pain. It is also proven that certain colors can increase the feeling of happiness. A nice andcosyworkplace will increase the employees’ desire to go to work and will decrease the number of absences.

Tight deadlines are a major cause for employees’ stress. There are different ways of decreasing it. For example reducing the number of meetings held about discussing goals might help, it would be time-saving and might prevent stress. Another idea would be to let the employees set their own goals in order to feel a little more trusted by the company. After all it’s only fair: everyone is dealing with different customers and requests, and as long as the goals are agreed by the managers, the extra bit of freedom will make the employees feel like they are treated fairly.

A key component of success is socialization. Allowing people to communicate in the workplace can boost the level of happiness. Managers could encourage celebrations of different holidays at the workplace and organize some outdoors activities. Socialization doesn’t have to be limited to working hours.

A crucial aspect which also influences employee satisfaction is respect to workers and the job they perform. Employers should treat each employee with attention. Employees should feel like they are able to meet with their management and talk about things which bother them if the case arises. Even if management can’t accomplish all employees’ demands, showing that each worker is important will improve the company’s atmosphere and increase its moral.

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