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How to build a successful work team


The creation of a successful work team, either within companies’ HR department or in any other, is essential to develop and achieve positive results. When choosing team members, recruiters should be able to see the individual abilities. Also, recruiters should be capable of deciding if the person fits in with the company’s values and in the position.  

Eventually, the team leader will be the one responsible to get the members to achieve the organization’s targets and goals. Their main concern should be to get the best of each person and, consequently, assure their happiness at work. This is what makes a good leader.

Although, this task is not always easy and the unexpected situations can occur as the team is being build. Thus, in order to achieve the expected results, managing individual talent is not enough. It is essential to find a balance between individual results and global results.

Do you want to have a successful team in your company? Here are some tips for doing so!

  1. Focus on the talent

To create a good team the most important is the human factor and the abilities each individual can bring to the work. Each person is different, with their own skills and interests. Thus, recruiters should know how to choose the right profile depending on the talent they show during the interview.  In this way, surely you can obtain the results you want from each team member. 

A good leader is essential
It’s a fact that it takes great leadership to build solid teams. The team leader should be proactive, reliable, and with great communication skills. But, above all, the leader has to assume the responsibility of managing a team and to transmit the goals and values of the company. 

Set a common goal
The leader is responsible for assuring a good start of the team work, by setting a common goal. It’s important to know how to transmit company’s key and secondary goals to each member, so that they strive to achieve them.  Consequently, the more people involved in the goals of the company, the faster and more efficiently the results will be achieved.

Work in team
No matter how much individual talent you have in your team, if you don’t externalize it and share it among all, you will possibly have no benefits. In order to teach how to work in a team and to be satisfied with the profits of each person it is crucial to create union. The same happens with mistakes: they should be shared with the group so that they can be solved by the whole team, learning and improving for the next time.

Meet team members
Identifying the roles of your team, having a deep knowledge of their personalities and take advantage of their abilities are the most important steps to build a great satisfied team.  Furthermore, encouraging diversity between individuals and working with different cultures and languages will contribute for a diverse corporate culture.  A cross culture will enable employees to learn new concepts that will influence their professional and personal lives.

Identify strengths and weaknesses 
As time goes by, the more you know the members of your team, the more strengths and weakness you can detect. You have to know how to use them in a positive way so that you are able to detect future talented professionals. Who knows if one day, they won’t be in the board of company’s directors?

Give feedback and be grateful
Without the happiness of each team member, there are no good results. Thus, you have to be grateful and make them feel confident. Therefore, apart from defining individual tasks, recognizing their accomplishments will help them feeling motivated, happy and self-confident. By doing it you will reach successful results.

So, what are you waiting for? Focus on building the team every company wants to have!

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