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5 tips for first-time job seekers


One of the biggest challenges we face in our lives is to find a job. It can get even more complicated when we have no experience doing so.

Usually, people look for the first job after finishing their studies or in the last years of university. They usually feel disoriented and lost about the steps to follow to find a job. Thus it’s advisable to ask for advice from those who already have experience. However, if you do not have this help, we can give you some tip`s to find your first job:

  1. Curriculum Vitae / Cover Letter
  2. First of all, it’s very important to prepare a simple and professional CV, which clearly shows all our information: from contacts to the training, a brief summary of your main skills or relevant hobbies, always showing your potential. Keep in mind that the CV should be adapted to your circumstances. So, if you want to be a graphic designer, a simple CV will not be the most appropriate. 
  3. Also, it’s important to write a cover letter. In it you can explain a little more about yourself, your goals and ambitions, showing your motivation and the desire to get the job you are applying to.

  1. Apply to relevant offers
    There is no point in applying to job offers whose requirements don’t meet your profile. Those in charge of the selection processes, receive daily hundreds of CVs from different people, thus if you don’t meet the requirements, they will probably not even look at yours. Also, try to apply to internships or junior positions, the ones you think are more appropriate for beginners.

  1. Prepare for a job interview
  2. If recruiters contact you after you apply to an offer asking you for an interview, you should be ready for it. Find out about the company, prepare the answers to possible questions, and show interest in the job and the company and, above all, show spontaneity and professionalism. Also, keep in mind that first impressions are very important, so take care of your personal image and dress in a correct and tidy way.  

Be flexible

Although you have applied to a certain offer, it may be that your profile is a better fit with another. So, you should show that you are open to possible opportunities and to learn, you never know if you will end up finding the job of your dreams.

Be patient 
Finally, be patient and wait. Probably, you applied to many offers but only receive feedback from a few. But don’t lose hope, you will end up finding something. You have to keep going and don´t wait for people to knock on your door.

We also recommend that you continue developing your skills with specific training that can add value to your curriculum such as, volunteer experience, courses, learning a new language, participating in events or fairs. This way you can prove that you are a hardworking person and you are willing to keep learning.  

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