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How to make Millennials fall in love with their job


Millennials (or generation Y) are one of the most exigent generations to ever exist. They are informed, concerned, constantly connected to their network through the smartphone and they are committed to their work. However, routine is one of their weaknesses. As soon as they "have symptoms" of getting bored, they seek a new job so that they feel renewed again. 

  • According to a study conducted by Deloitte, in 2025 75% of the world's labor force will be formed by millennials. Therefore, it's important to know the need and concerns they have in order to retain talent. 

Generation Y can bring a lot of strengths to a company:
  • - Innovative, fresh and creative ideas.
  • - Thirsty for new knowledge and explore the world.
  • - Used to changes and unexpected situations.
  • - Fast and easy adaptation to corporate culture
  • - Connected to technology and to the latest trends
If you want to retain or attract millennial talent in your company, here are some tips to avoid:

Rigid work environment

Be surrounded by a space that inspires innovative ideas, have an accessible boss, have an heterogeneous work team, have the possibility of a flexible schedule or to work from home, be in a company committed to society and not have many rigid procedures, are all requirements to make your company an ideal place for them to work.

Mechanical work
You have to know that a Millennial doesn’t want to feel like a robot or just like any other employee. So performing routine tasks and not being able to give opinions, is not part of his/her plan.

Professional career? NO
They have aspirations to grow as a professional, to learn new things every day and to avoid staying in their comfort zone. If you have some new projects, do not hesitate to suggest them to millennials.

Unmotivated by peers or managers
If they see that their colleagues pretend to be working, they will feel frustrated and helpless.

Not get things clear
Transparency has always been one of the most important values to be taken into account by an employee. However, nowadays it becomes even more important due to the presence of companies in social networks. You have to be honest about what is published because as soon as a millennial joins your company and sees a different reality, he will run and report on the Internet.

Traditional thinking
Encouraging new projects among your employees will make the Generation Y get involved in the company, contributing new ideas and, consequently, increasing their motivation.

Lack of feedback

Doing a good job must be recognized but without lies and manipulations. This generation cannot stand that!

The young workers of the "Generation Y" are very demanding when choosing the ideal company where they can develop all the knowledge they have learned. Therefore, all organizations should be aware of their concerns in order to create growth and development plans for these professionals, who are increasingly dominating the labor market.

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