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When is the best time to look for a job?


Surely, on more than one occasion you have asked yourself if there are better days to apply to job offers, or if there is a time of the year when companies hire a greater volume of professionals.

Although these needs depend on company’s situation, it is true that  during some months of the year the volume of hiring increases. This is because there are months of change, preceded by vacation dates, giving the workers the opportunity to rethink their careers’ future.

Below you will find which are the best and the worst months to look for a job!

New Year, new jobs: January and February
The year begins, companies have new needs and workers have new expectations. During these months, companies receive updated budgets and usually invest according to it. They usually care about investing in Human Resources department, which generally entail the need for new jobs.
Due to investment and year prospects, companies usually begin the year looking for highly paid senior positions. Therefore, if you want to find a good job you should definitely start looking for it in January!

The spring comes with some new offers: March, April, May
Even though January and February are the best months, spring is also a good time to look for a job. The hiring season that started in January usually can extend until late spring. This because most companies need time to choose the candidates who applied in January. Also during this time, companies have already chosen applicants for the main job positions and probably now look for people to fill less important job positions.


Summertime, no time to think about work:  June July and August
Summertime is not the best time to look for a job. During these months, people are more worried about resting and enjoying. Usually hiring managers are not actively looking for candidates since they have to worry about preparing for the last trimester of the year.

Even though it is harder, it is not impossible! Maybe you won’t find a great job in a great company, but usually, during this months, there is a high demand for temporary and/or part-time summer jobs.

Leafs start to fall and hiring starts to rise: September and October 
September is the month in which international firms seek talent for "Graduate Programs". It is a good time for the recent graduates or junior profiles to look for opportunities and apply to job offers. On the other hand, summer is a time for reflection. Many workers consider a professional change. This means that the months of September and Octobre have more rotation than usual, which generates new jobs. 

Winter, a cold season to find a job: November and December
The beginning of the winter is probably the worst time to look for a job. Firstly because, once again it is the beginning of holiday season. Second, the year is finishing and companies usually prefer to wait for the next year to start hiring, especially due to budget constraints.

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