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Common Cover Letter mistakes to avoid


Making a cover letter can be very useful to open new opportunities when it comes to being selected in a recruitment process, drawing recruiter’s attention. This resource is used to show your interest in the position, in the company and, in general, to work.

Furthermore, by having a cover letter, you will carry something more personal compared to other candidates who simply attach their CV. Despite that, it is true that even if you strive to make a creative CV but your cover letter is not appropriate, possibly your application will be rejected.

Thus, it is important to know that there are certain mistakes when writing a cover letter that you probably don’t notice, but that can negatively influence your professional image. Read our list of mistakes to never do them again!

Starting the letter with “Dear…” or “To Whom It May Concern”
This is the most common and easy way to start a cover letter, but it really does not show interest in the company. The best is to look for previous company information and try to know who is responsible for HR department. If that is not possible, you should address it to the Human Resources department.

Writing a default letter
Writing a generic letter for all companies will not allow you to customize the aspects of each company, showing little involvement. Each company is different, so it is best to adapt the cover letter to each job offer as it will be much more personal and exclusive.

Writing the wrong company name
When you make the previous mistake of creating a default letter where you only modify small items depending on the company, it is possible that you confuse the name of the companies. This is a major mistake that directly destroys your application chances.

Spelling mistakes

Having spelling mistakes in any professional letter demonstrates lack of professionalism and lack of review. For some jobs, a single mistake is already a reason to discard the candidate.

Repeating the same information as the CV

If in a letter you repeat the same as what is already in your CV, just more explicit and well written, then what’s the purpose? The use of a cover letter and a CV is not the same. The former helps to show you worth the job and call recruiter’s attention, and the latter basically shows your academic profile without background.

Skipping achievements

One of the main purposes of this resource is to show the accomplishments you have achieved and your best strengths. However, only the most important or those that are relevant to the job should be mentioned. The idea is to know how to “sell yourself”, so it's time to highlight your qualities, abilities and efficiency.

Being egocentric

Talking only about yourself and your accomplishments without highlighting why you want to be part of the company is not good at all. You should be interested in the company, and show the recruiter that you are very interested in it.

If you take into account these common mistakes in your next cover letter, you will be able to show to HR recruiters your professionalism and unique profile!

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