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Conversation tips for networking events


Going to networking events has become a key strategy for doing business. Breakfasts, afterwork meetings and team sports are the most common activities chosen for that purpose. Potential clients, suppliers or even business partners come together to enjoy a relaxing activity with a very specific purpose: to expand their network and ensure new opportunities in the professional field.

For a good entrepreneur, an effective network means success. Thus, one of the most effective means to achieve it is through professional networking. The benefits are incalculable. You can get the job you were looking for, generating new ideas to improve your business, having a more global vision of your business sector or getting new clients or investors.

Usually these kind of events combine business with leisure, creating a chill-out atmosphere. Still, the truth is that you have to know how to behave and not forget the main purpose that led you there.

Of course, good communication skills can assure you to be halfway to your goal.  But, when entering a new environment, you should think about a way to introduce yourself. Also you should make some research on the people attending the event and how they can be helpful to your business.

Therefore, we give you 5 conversation topics that you should not use during networking events:


Talking about internal conflicts of your company or your competition, speaking badly of your co-workers or your boss, will not generate any complicity with your listener but, instead, disloyalty with your current company.

Debating values, politics or religion

These topics can be very interesting but people can have very distinct visions from yours and touch a sore spot that can cost you dearly and close several doors.


Personal or medical issues
For this matters you have your friends or family to talk to. Thus you don’t need to overtalk the subject.


You don’t know the background or the causes the person standing in front of you is involved in. You should avoid value judgments especially when you have no arguments to justify it.


Unprofessional habits
Confessing your lack of skills regarding punctuality or organization won’t help you to get what you want!

The best recommendation is for you to establish a natural and easy communication, aligned with your professional goals. Don’t worry because the other people are there for the same purpose as you. All the contacts that are establishes during networking are a win-win for both sides.


Moreover, other essential tips you should consider are: take with you your personal business card, to add to your LinkedIn the contacts you make, and to look for pending topics that allow you to invoke them days later and consequently help you solidify the contacts you have made.

What other topics do you think should not be touched during networking events? Please share them with us!

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