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How to look for a job without your boss finding out?


Do you want to look for a job without getting caught by the company you currently work for?  No one has said that looking for a job was an easy task. In fact, it is one of the tasks that requires more effort and perseverance, especially when you already have a job.

It may seem almost impossible to work and look for a job, but remember that companies prefer to hire an active person instead of someone who has been unemployed for a long time. Therefore, if you are working and you are considering a job change, allow yourself the luxury of being able to decide whether or not to accept a new job!

During the time that you are looking for new professional challenges, you cannot leave aside your work rhythm or give signs of your intentions as this could result in your dismissal. Keep in mind the following points to avoid falling into the most common mistakes when looking for a job while working:


  1. Keep your secret safe

If you do not want anyone to find out, avoid telling your intentions. No matter how much you trust your work partner this matter should be a secret and nobody in your work environment should know it, since the chances of the others finding out increase. Therefore, the less people know better, you never know who could be listening.

  1. Do not look for work while at your workplace

New employment opportunities should be searched from home to avoid being caught in any way. Avoid correcting your CV, get into job portals and even apply to vacancies from your work computer.

  1. Avoid picking up the phone during business hours

Answering a call on your mobile from a number you do not know is not a good idea, it's best to let it ring and leave a voice message or when you have a free moment, call and ask. On the other hand, if you are one of those who answer all the calls, be brief and inform that you are working at that moment and arrange a call for another time.

Usually when we receive an unknown call our tone of voice changes and remember that you are surrounded by peers who may notice. Try to act natural and do not show anxiety.

  1. Do not neglect your work

If you are in a process of selection, you will surely feel excited about the new position and new possibilities, but remember that today you have responsibilities and objectives to fulfill. Also, who knows if in the future you may need references from your current boss?

  1. Do not make excuses to go to an interview

Do everything possible to schedule interviews outside of your working hours either during the lunch hour or after leaving your job. Even if you are 100% convinced and motivated by the position, take a days´ holiday. Avoid lying; giving many excuses can make your boss suspicious.

  1. Be careful with what you post on LinkedIn and social networks

The moment you decide you want to change your company, you will instinctively be online more than ever. Be careful with your profile updates, with what you like and share, the groups you belong to, etc. In the rest of the SM, do not make any comments about job interviews or selection processes in which you are active. Do not openly talk about your current company, bosses etc. In addition LinkedIn has a modality that allows you to be available for recruiters excluding the Human Resources department of your current company.

  1. Learn about the companies to which you submit your application

In many cases, the selection processes are managed by human resources consultants who do not provide much information about the client company. In these cases what you should do is read the position well where surely appear some detail about the type of company in question, when talking with the consultant try to get as much information as possible to have enough information to discard continue.

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