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Summer jobs: What are the most in-demand activities?


When summer arrives, employment offers increase in certain businesses and sectors, mainly between the months of June and September. This is mainly because companies need reinforcement of their workforce, either to manage specific activities or to fill the positions of workers who are on vacation.

Therefore, many of the job offers are temporary, being a good option to improve the curriculum and gain professional experience. In addition, abroad there is a great multitude of opportunities mainly directed to young people who want to practice a language and to begin their career or volunteer.


Whether it is in your country of origin or abroad, we bring you the most in-demand summer jobs:

Waiter and cook

In summer, the hospitality industry is the most in-demand because of tourism. Therefore, companies are forced to reinforce its staff of waiters and cooks. The same happens to bars and nightclubs, where there is an increased need for waiters and bartenders.


As mentioned before, the tourism sector is the most influenced by the summer season. Hotels, for instance, need to increase their staff with receptionists to cover all the shifts and client needs. Moreover, the essential requirement of these profiles is to be able to speak languages.


This occupation is very important to monitor the swimming pools and the beaches. Furthermore, a lifeguard must have knowledge and specific training to be able to do its job correctly.

Camp monitor

During summer season, camps are the ideal place for children to have fun while being supervised. For this reason, the demand for camp monitors increases, mainly between June and July.

Shop assistant

Similar to hospitality industry, during the summer, shops also need to incorporate assistants to be able to support all their needs. In addition, July sales increase the number of customers.

Au pair Jobs abroad

One of the easiest options to go abroad is to work as an au pair during the summer. This option allows you to improve the language of the country you will go, meet new people and gain personal experience by adapting to a family different from yours.


Volunteers are not usually paid, but it’s a great opportunity to live an international experience that will help you grow as a person. There are many types, but the best known are education volunteers, construction volunteers and those focused on the medical field.

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