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Job search during the holidays


The good weather is here, the days are longer and you finally go on vacation after many months of hard work. But what if you plan to make a professional change or if you are actively seeking employment? Is it worth looking for work during the summer? Do we have to postpone our search until September?

There is a common belief that it is impossible to find work during holidays, but the truth is that even if it is a little more difficult or takes more time nothing is impossible. If you really want to find a job, use your free time strategically to get it!

In this article we give you some tips on how to establish a job search strategy throughout the summer:

Take advantage of your free time
Whether you are looking for a professional change or if you are actively seeking employment, take advantage of these days to put your CV up to date. Think about the type of company and work you would like to do and adapt your CV with the abilities and responsibilities that best define you.

List the companies in which you would like to work

Think about your ideal job and the company in which you would like to develop your next professional challenge. Create an Excel with the names of the companies and the type of function you would like to work in, according to your professional profile.

Search for contacts

Explore LinkedIn as much as possible and find all the contacts of the companies on your list that you think that can help you. Contact the ones in charge of the internal recruitment or the ones responsible for the departments in which you would like to work.

Make yourself known

Send a personalized message to each contact, explaining why you would like to work in their company and what added value you could bring to the company. Remember to have your LinkedIn profile updated, because it will be the main way of expose yourself.

Follow up

Keep the list of your contacts and companies updated. Write down each message you sent, who it was addressed to and the date you sent it. If you see that you don’t get an answer, try again after 2/3 weeks.

Be patient

Take your time to conduct searches and put your CV and LinkedIn profile in order. Do not freak out if you do not have an immediate answer, keep in mind that it is summer and the schedules change. Therefore, it is important to make reminders, so that emails or messages are not forgotten. Keep in mind that you should not stuff employers up with emails.

Show availability

In case a company contacts you to make an interview, you should expand your availability as much as possible. It is summer and most likely you're on vacation, but if you really care about the position, you have to find a way to do the interview. If you are not in town, suggest a Skype interview.  If it is not possible, put the maximum effort in scheduling an interview as soon as you return. If you do not show availability, probably you will lose the opportunity to somebody else.

Never stop looking for a job, even if it's a holiday period. Some companies close in the summer, but many others do not, and usually there is one person in the department managing it. Take advantage of the period where there is less work demand. Even if there is no open vacancies, it is always good to get a face-to-face interview so that they remember you when they have a position that fits your experience and knowledge.

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