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Reasons to make a video CV


Technology is advancing and as a consequence so is society and its conscience. Having a visual way to sell yourself to any company is becoming very advantageous, a plus for any kind of CV. Nowadays with the millennial boom we are seeing more revelation and ideas and we must adapt to all these innovating references. Job advertisements are no longer seen in newspapers, but rather on specialized websites. What we mean with that is the creation and popularization of the Interactive CV or Video resume is revolutionary way to complete your current CV.   

If this new concept of curriculum confuses you, below we answer some of the questions which you may have regarding an Interactive CV.

What is a Video CV?
A video CV or a video resume is a filmed self-presentation focused on the brief and visual description about your job experience, useful skills developed at work, digital programs qualifications, etc.

When did Video CV’s start to become popular?
With the development of new technologies and digital recordings, making a video resume has become easier to include in your job applications, despite the VHS boom in the 80´s. People started to make a record of their work experiences in order to stand out from other candidates, however it is now only matter of copy and paste.

How is the best way to spread it?
As we mentioned before, nowadays this new visual curriculum is just beginning to be popular. Due to that, it is used as an extension of the regular paper CV. To upload it on Youtube or Dailymotion and copy the link on your current CV or post it on your Linkedn (also any other social media) account is the best way to make an easier step to the companies, this way they are more likely to watch it.

In which sectors are Interactive CVs appropriate?

Actually there are not. In creative areas (graphic designer, fashion designer, communication, arts, etc) they are held in higher value as they are very visual jobs. Still, it is not mandatory or even normalized on these work spaces.

What is the best way to create an Interactive CV?
The most basic advice is to make your Interactive CV as visual as possible. But here are some tips to make your video stand out!

  • - Write a script: It is important that you have a sense of what you want to say and how you want to express it. Once you have it written, try not to read everything from your script. Remember that it is only a guide for your video.

  • - Be aware of your background: Try to make sure that your environment is quiet and the background is as plain as possible. Treat this the same as an interview; where your appearance and interaction are key.

  • - Be original: Keep the presentation interesting. Most of the time HR specialists will not watch the entire video. Make sure it is amusing and entertaining. The video should last approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

  • - Personalize: It is a plus making a personalized presentation for the company you are actually interested in. Explaining your motivations, achievements and goals is a good way to keep the viewers´ attention.

  • - Show the content: Visual content will help you capture viewers attention more so than a monologue.

  • - Rehearse: Again and again, until you are certain you will nail your video presentation!

Written by Isabelle Alves | Receptionist

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