How Business Blogging Can Increase Your Productivity?

November 25th 2020

Regardless whether you’re a blogger that does affiliate marketing or a company, business blogging can increase your productivity manifold. In fact, business blogging is emerging rapidly as one of the major resources to generate potential leads that can convert as customers.

Nowadays, even the largest organizations run a business blog. And for affiliate marketers, a business blog can decide their success or failure. Unfortunately, several organizations and individuals continue to underestimate the significance of business blogging. They falsely believe that business blogging is unwanted publicity given to some organization for free and has no inherent benefits for the blogger or the organization.

This is sheer myth. In fact, business blogging has a proven track record of delivering excellent, desirable results to blog owners, affiliate marketers as well as small and large organizations.

Therefore, in this article, let’s explore how business blogging can increase your productivity.

But let’s first understand what business blogging actually means.

Understanding Business Blogging

In simplest terms, business blogging is a digital marketing resource that involves writing an interesting, engaging and relevant article about your business and posting it online. In technical parlance, such articles are also known as content.

The purpose of such content is very simple. It is to create awareness about your business, brand and the products and service you offer to customers.

Such content helps you create a superb online presence. You can also boost your online visibility through such content or business blog.

A business blog isn’t limited only to writing about the business. It could be some news article that’s directly concerns your business and its offerings.

This would clearly indicate that business blogging is in fact something concerns your business in every manner. Hence, it can prove to be a major and superb resource for your business.

Now let’s see how business blogging can actually increase your productivity.

Effects of Business Blogging on Productivity


There’re several superb advantages you can get by business blogging, regardless whether you’re an affiliate marketer or a businessperson. Let’s look at some of these benefits of business blogging, through which affiliate marketers have made big.

Knowledge is Power


Business blogging helps you empower customers and other stakeholders. This works on the simple principle that knowledge is power. Indeed, every customer, supplier or other stakeholder loves to know more and more about every business. It helps them to better understand what they’re paying for and why or reasons for doing business with your organization.

Also for affiliate marketers, business blogging helps create a general awareness of a newer brand or company they’re trying to introduce in the market. Consumers that’re unaware about the brand would naturally be reluctant to patronize its products. In such instances, business blogging plays a key role in helping prospective customers understand the nature of the business and why it’s offering a certain range of products.

Therefore, business blogging works towards empowerment of consumers and other stake holders. This directly translates as an increase in business.

Business Blogging Helps Innovation

This brings to my mind the very famous words of American business magnate, Peter F. Drucker who says: “Every business has two main functions: marketing and innovation.” Most business owners that blog remain blissfully unaware that innovation of their brand or offerings is possible through business blogging.

How’s that? Because a blog generates comments and feedback from consumers and other stake holders. Most consumers take the opportunity to comment on a blog for pointing out inherent flaws or shortcomings of a business or its products and service. This feedback is vital if the business takes them seriously and strives to innovate the product range.

A direct fallout of innovation is increase in the number of customers. Since buyers feel their feedback has impact and you’ve taken steps to meet their demands where reasonable and possible, they’ll be loyal to your business. This directly contributes to surge in business.

Consumer as Researcher


We live in a digital era where consumers are now also researchers. Meaning, days when advertisements and offline promotions would sway a consumer’s opinion are now more or less extinct. Instead, consumers now increasingly research into a company and its products, their features, core leadership team and their qualifications as well as other elements before deciding on a purchase.

In fact, various studies in the US and elsewhere reveal beyond doubt that people read blogs, company and product reviews during the initial phases of buying something. And what they read influences their purchasing decision. In fact, anything between 60 percent and 80 percent of all shoppers refer to blogs and reviews.

By business blogging, you’re facilitating this research by consumers. A well-written business blog tends to influence a consumer favorably towards your business. Though a business could be new, a good business blog serves to assure buyers that it’s reliable and offers superior products and services.

Drives Traffic from Social Media


Generally, business bloggers also use social media such as Facebook extensively. They provide a link to their business blog on an eponymous Facebook page or the personal one. This increases engagement. If your social media posts are compelling enough and the content has attractive headlines and subheads, there’re very high chances that a Facebook user will find your business blog and become a follower.

The same holds true when you post a business blog on LinkedIn profile of either yourself or your business. In both cases, you’re generating awareness of the business by engaging an increasing number of users and driving them to your blogsite or business website. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest posts that speak of your business blog also helps drive such generic traffic.

Business Blogs Help Email List


Think about it. Why would anyone part with their email address and subscribe to your blogposts? One of the reasons that people will give you their email address and name is when they’re interested in something you’re offering. And a business blog does exactly that. A business blog about your organization generates interest among people. And in most cases, they’ll be interested in finding what it holds for them and how your business can better their lives.

When people subscribe to your business blog, they’re actually helping you to create and grow a superb email list. And this list is vital for any business that’s serious about increasing its productivity and sales. You can offer special promotions, send info about latest offers and latest launches through emails to grow the business.

In Conclusion


The Internet is full of superb business blogs. In fact, you could read some excellent examples of business blogging to see how they’re helping organizations of all sizes to increase productivity. This would help you become a superb business blogger too, in due time.

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