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5 Interview Questions to Get the Right Person in the Right Job


Interviewing someone for a job is a very important task, and asking the right questions is vital if you want the correct person in the correct job position. Through this article there are five important questions that will help any employer hire the right employee. This article will also be useful for any person going on their first job interview and trying to impress to land their first job.

Most interviews can be cagy affairs, the person being interviewed is usually afraid of saying something wrong and things do not always flow. A good interview should be like a conversation. It is all about finding out about the person you are interviewing. They say 70% of job candidates are nervous and not themselves when they sit at a job interview.

The ideal situation should be the opposite, candidates should be themselves so you can understand if they are the right person for the job role. So the question is, how as an interviewer do you make candidates feel comfortable enough to show their true selves to you? We will discuss this further.

Top 5 Questions To Help You Get The Right Candidate

Ask the candidate to tell you about themselves

This question works on so many different levels. The candidate will need to share information about themselves that you will not know. This allows you an insight into them as a person and an employee. To get the correct person you must get the candidate to open themselves to you and this can only be done when you make them feel comfortable.

What motivates them?

With this question you will find out what it is that gets them out of bed in the morning. This will also allow you to find out what priorities they have in their life and in what order. If you want to find an employee for a certain position this is an important question to ask. You want the candidate to enjoy their job and their role in the company. If money is their only motivation, then this may be a problem further down the road.

Have They Worked in a Team Before?

This is crucial if the job role entails them working with other staff members. The most productive companies are those that work well together. Working as a team is a vital part of any successful business. There is a great phrase that sums up how important teamwork is, and that is “there is no I in team”. If they can not work well with other people and do not have the correct people skills then there will be a problem.

Ask Them What They Find Difficult

This question is always a good one to find out how honest your candidate is about themselves. Everyone has problems with something, no one is perfect, so by asking this question you will find out what they have trouble with and what they need to improve. This can also humble a candidate and also allows them to investigate themselves in ways they may have never done before.

Why Do They Believe They Would Suit This Job?

This is important because like a first date, you need convincing that this candidate will offer you what you want. When people go on dates they want to find out what the other person can give them in regards to care, kindness, affection. There are lots of sites like datingjet.com that people join with this goal in mind. So it is crucial that they sell themselves to you and explain why they would fit the job position better than someone else.


These five questions will help you decide who is the most suitable candidate for your job vacancy. The questions are to the point and very effective in helping to discover the best candidate possible.

Theresa Cofield is a freelance writer who has a love for creativity and a passion for helping others. She works as a blogger at datingjet.com where she covers the topics of relationships and love in general.


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