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How To Run Remote Meetings With Your Team


There are now 55% of businesses that offer some form of remote working from home. There are 18% of teleworkers that work from home permanently. 77% of these workers feel better and more likely to get everything done by working from home. They say that every company saves around $11,000 per year for every worker that works half the year from home. Most remote workers do not want to go back to working from the office, a staggering 90% want to continue working from home. As you can see there is a huge change in the way people are working and want to work in the future.

Managing Remote Workers

As the world has changed over the last year and a half more than ever before, new ways of working are more important than ever before. There have been more people working from the confines of their home which means that to have meetings with other colleagues things have had to change. This has opened up new technologies and a whole new experience when it comes to meetings. But actually when you think about remote meetings most people prefer not to have them. Most workers prefer no meetings at all, not remote meetings and not in person meetings.

So, the challenge is how to create a nice balanced remote meeting. Because a remote meeting is more difficult than a normal meeting. When you think of the days when everyone was back in the office and mingling with one another throughout the day. This helped create a unity between colleagues, there was some fun banter and some conversations when you were at the coffee machine.

Working from the office provided more of a team mentality and togetherness. Now as things have changed and people are working alone from their homes, this togetherness has been lost, so there are now no conversations between one another.

5 Tips on Running Remote Meetings

Meetings at the workplace were never something people looked forward to but at least you could see one another and have more of a connection with each colleague. So, now the challenge is how to bring this connection through into remote working somehow. How can this be done?

The first thing that one must remember is that keeping your work colleagues in the loop with what time meetings will happen is crucial. It is crucial to keep into contact with your work colleagues throughout the time you are working from home. This will keep some form of connection and prevent workers from becoming distant from each other.

Technology That Works For Your Team

This is where it all has to start by getting a remote meeting underway. It is a good idea to know how many people will be attending this gathering. This will help you use the most suitable technology for your team. Just because there is good technology for a one on one chat, does not mean that this will work well when there are 15 people connected. So, it is important to research the best software for your needs. The second thing to remember is that you will want to use online tools such as screen sharing and recording options. This is a great way to show your colleagues the recorded meeting afterwards so you can all improve on the next remote meeting.

The Water Cooler Approach

This is a way where team members can keep in touch outside of any scheduled meeting. Just as in the workplace where colleagues would meet around the water cooler to grab a drink and chat about life. This is a brilliant way to bring workers together, so they get to know each other personally rather than just through work meetings. A watercooler can be a weekly skype video call where colleagues get to talk about themselves personally. This gives every worker a bit of history about each colleague. This helps colleagues understand each other better which creates a more friendly meeting when it happens.


When you are organizing a remote gathering with colleagues from all parts of the world, it is important to create a time that works for all. Time zones can be tricky, so there are some very useful sites such as worldtimebuddy. On this platform you can see each time zone your colleagues are in and it will help you create a suitable time for every colleague. It is of course always best to set a remote meeting well in advance. Giving your work colleagues as much notice as possible will help everyone  understand their schedule and attend the meeting.


This is an important aspect to any remote meeting. You need to make sure there are guidelines on what the meeting will be about and rules on how it will be structured. Things such as talking points, who will talk on which subjects and how long each colleague has to talk. This will help prevent long discussions that will lead nowhere. Once you have a structure in place with guidelines on how the meeting will work everyone will understand better their role in the meeting.

Make It Fun

This is maybe the most important aspect of a remote meeting. To make it fun and enjoyable for every colleague is vital. This will keep colleagues engaged and active in remote meetings if they are enjoying the experience. You can always talk about fun subjects such as  japanese-women.net, this will definitely get workers attention. By creating a fun environment you will encourage more conversation and better results. Remote meetings do not need to be boring and dull. By adding some humor and getting to know each colleague you will find that it can be very enjoyable.


Final Thoughts

Working remotely does not seem to be going away any time soon, we must get used to this new method of working. Remote meetings are here for now and maybe the foreseeable future. It is a good idea to make the most of every remote meeting you have. By being willing to learn and improve you will get better every time and it will soon be as simple as face to face meetings.

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