5 tips for a good work disconnection

December 7th 2021

Are you tired of taking your work home with you? Spain is the first European country with more work stress, almost 60% of workers claim to suffer it. For this reason, we leave you 5 tips for a good work disconnection.

1. Recognize the situation: the problems that generate this stress.

It is very important before trying to solve the problems, to make a thorough analysis of the concerns that can be generated, in order to know what specifically worries you and seek solutions to address it.

2. Tasks that keep your mind busy such as hobbies.

Carrying out activities that generate satisfaction can become a great option to proceed to a full disconnection. Participating in activities that generate self-fulfillment helps us to focus our attention on them and get away from our worrisome thoughts of our work environment.

3. Play sports to de-stress.

It is relevant to carry out a good physical activity to improve your mental and physical health, this in turn, becomes a great tool to disconnect and free our mind from the problems and worries of work.

4. Unload your problems or worries with someone you trust.

Many times when something worries us at work we try to ignore it, but this is a mistake. The best option to try to disconnect from work is to unburden ourselves of what worries us, this will allow not overthink. It is crucial to choose a suitable person who transmits confidence and who is willing to listen to us and help us if we need it.

5. Perform relaxation techniques

In addition, performing relaxation techniques becomes one of the best resources to be able to let our mind go blank. There are many relaxation techniques that you can perform, however, the best ones are those that are based on your breathing.

These are some of our suggestions, but everyone has their own way of disconnecting and relaxing. We invite you to follow our tips and try some strategies to get away from it all.

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