The 5 Soft skills most demanded by companies

December 21st 2021

For several years soft skills have begun to be more valued when looking for a job.
People's knowledge is no longer the only thing that is valued when hiring someone, but also the ability to empathize with colleagues, work in a team, etc. We can define soft skills as necessary skills for any moment of our life, which by mixing them with technical skills turn employees into motivated and fulfilled people in constant training and learning.

Following the above mentioned, the most demanded soft skills in today's world of work, with pandemic, are the next:

1. Adaptation to change.

Having the ability to be able to cope with change is essential in any company. Having an open mind and a positive attitude towards the challenges we will face.


2. Emotional intelligence.

It is the ability to express, understand, perceive and manage emotions. It is not only about understanding our feelings but also about understanding other people's feelings. If we manage to work correctly on this skill, we will face failures, we will work better in a team and we will be able to relate better with other people


3. Responsibility.

Responsibility has always been important, however, with the advent of teleworking it has become essential. With responsibility, our work will be more effective and the confidence of our superiors in us will increase.


4.  Resilience.

Resilience is basically defined as a person's ability to cope with difficult situations. Undoubtedly an essential skill in today's world of work with the present pandemic.


5.  Teamwork.

To develop this skill correctly it is important to know what are our remarkable aspects and our improvable aspects. You must also take into account these aspects of your colleagues to help each other and to join forces to achieve a common goal.  These are some of the softskills most demanded by companies today.

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