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Commitment and Retaining Talent in an Organisation


Organisational behaviour is a subject that represents investigating different plans that can be formulated to improve employee behaviour, improve their attitudes in work and their commitment to the company as well as trying to increase their engagement. Plans may include training and socialising new members within a team, rewards for a good performance and understanding why employees react to things and behave the way they do.

Without being able to understand why it is that employees behave in a certain way, it is hard to find a solution to change their behaviours and attitudes towards their work and ultimately, increase their commitment and engagement within the company.

Organisational behaviour devotes itself to being able to understand, explain and improve the attitudes of individuals in an organisation. In addition, organisational behaviour can be used in accordance with Human Resource Management and Strategic Management in order for them to be applied by management teams into the structure of their employee training and monitoring process. The two primary outcomes and main objectives of these two managerial tasks are increased job performance, and increased organisational commitment.

Employee attitudes relating to job satisfaction, organisational behaviour and commitment, are of major interest to the sector of Organisational Behaviour and the practice of Human Resource Management. Job satisfaction is directly impacted by employee attitude.

Commitment is of course needed from employees as it is a key factor in achieving company excellence. Without commitment from their employees, no company can achieve their goal or objective. Commitment is one of the most important aspects when it comes to improving an organization and increasing its productivity and profitability.

If you are apprehensive that employee unhappiness may be mounting in your organization, then there are steps that can be done to re-engage their hearts and minds and to retain the talent within your company:

Make sure that your employees understand your company´s vision and mission in addition to understanding the company objectives and goals, as well as their own personal ones.

Ensure that team leaders and managers are evident within the company and that they are actively involved with helping their team reach their targets.  

Create ways for employees to express any concerns, questions or ideas they may have regarding the company.

Arrange regular appraisals and updates so that employees deem as though their role in the company is recognized and valued.  

Celebrate success with employees, providing them with relevant praise and rewards for their hard work.

It has been evaluated that employees who felt that they were cared for by their organization and those who felt that their organization were committed to their happiness, not only have higher levels of commitment towards their employers and their company, but that they also are more willing to have a greater involvement in the organization. An organization and their management must use tools and resources such as Organisational Behaviour and Strategic Management in order to decipher how it is to change an employee’s attitude or behaviour in a company.  Furthermore, they must commit themselves to providing the appropriate reward and support for their employees as this perceived recognition will again only boost engagement, boost job performance and boost organisational commitment.

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