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Why you should use a recruiter


You might find yourself getting calls from recruiters who have found your CV interesting for a job role they are currently hiring for. Before hanging up on them, you might want to think twice. Recruiters can give you opportunities that normally would not be obtainable by you and they could potentially open the door for a new career opportunity. Even if you are not actively searching for a job, it might be a good idea to let the recruiter know what your dream job looks like if and they can get back in touch with you when this opportunity turns up!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use a recruiter:

1. Connections. Recruiters are in constant contact with hiring managers and senior level executives. You send your resume to numerous companies, and post your resume on various job sites but you never get any answers. Recruiters have the connections to not only get you in the door, but also get feedback, whether positive or negative, rather quickly. Think of how many others are applying for the same job you are…masses. Hiring managers and HR personnel simply cannot and do not have the time to review every resume. A recruiter can guarantee that you won’t be just another resume in a pile; If your profile really fits with the job, you will be sent to Senior manager who will review your resume as it comes recommended from the recruiter.


 2. The hidden job opportunities. Many times, especially with Senior level positions, companies have confidential roles that are for restricted eyes only. Companies then turn to recruiters for help with these positions. You cannot find these positions listed on Monster, Linkedin or on the various other job sites on the web. Therefore, you may want to give the recruiter a chance.

3. The same goal. You and your recruiter have the same goal, and that is getting you an ideal role that is a perfect fit for both you and your future employer. They're on your side!

4. Expertise. Are you underpaid? Overpaid? Are you ready for a Senior role? Are your technical skills up to date? How do you search for a job if you just arrived to Spain? How do you search for a job in other countries? There are a number of questions that can help you make an informed decision when it comes to strategic career planning, and a recruiter is a great resource to utilize. They can help you find answers and ask questions that will guide you to the right job and the right steps to take in order to advance your career. Best of all, this information is free, unbiased and essential when determining your position and worth in today’s job market.

5. Long-term ally. Let’s say you found a recruiter, you find a job (whether it was through their work or not), and you are now perfectly content but remember this may not always be the case. Come 3-5 years down the line you may decide to try your hands at a new company/role again. Or, you may spend the rest of your days in the company you are working for but may need help recruiting for your own team, finding out information about the current job market etc. You now have an ally that is there for you to utilize. Recruiters (meaning legitimate, professional recruiters) are in it for the long haul. They are in the business of building relationships with both candidates and clients, and making sure both parties are equally satisfied. Therefore, you not only gain a new role, but you also gain an important ally to guide you through your current and future career path. 

Source: http://www.recruitingblogs.com

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