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Super Interim Managers


After the participation of Talent Search People in a Pink Slip Party, I was surprised with a sentence said by Rosa Alastruey in her lecture: "Those 'steady jobs, for the life' have run out. The future is and will be project work".

And she is absolutely right.

Olivia Borquez and I can see it every day in our Talent Interim offices. We constantly receive requests from clients that explain to me cases such as "Jan, I do not know what to do! My Sales Director is on sick leave and I am unable to manage the whole sales team." Then, I explain them the benefits of Interim Management Services and they see their chance.

This is a HR solution that starts to spread slowly in Spain but that in some countries like mine, the Netherlands, it has been working successfully for years. In a nutshell, it consists of the temporary placement of highly qualified and experienced professionals (the Interim Managers) in enterprises that require extra support at some point.

It is a great solution:As an entrepreneur, Why not have that urgent help that you need temporarily? And as a professional, why not contribute and learn in different companies and sectors? As far as I’m concerned, I often compare our internal system with a database, not for candidates, but for super heroes: the Interim Managers! I mean, we are talking about professionals who are waiting for companies’ calls, sometimes in the middle of an existential crisis, and they quickly go to save the situation.



As I said before, although this is an innovative solution in Spain, we undertake the mission with enthusiasm. We expect to build the trust of our customers and our Interim Managers everyday to become our services benchmark in the Spanish market.

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