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5 Tips to improve your video interview etiquette


Video interviewing has become a key part of the recruitment process; surveys say that there has been a significant rise in interviews just within the last year.

In Talent Search People this is definitely true; we are managing more and more recruitment processes on an international level. Thanks to the video interviews it is possible to have an interview with someone at the same level as if the candidate was in your office and we feel that this is definitely the future within recruitment.

As a result of this move to video recruiting, candidates must begin to prepare themselves to perform well in this unique medium. Candidates should not take for granted that their traditional interviewing skills will translate well in a video interview; in fact, there is a video interview etiquette and an additional set of rules which must be followed if you are to perform well in a video interview format – and below you will find outlined some of the most important ones:

1. Optimize the viewing environment
When participating in a video interview you must make sure that you are in private room, ideally with a lock on the door and where you can guarantee you will not be disturbed by other members of your household.
Make sure that the viewing area and room is well lit. Consider getting a lamp (Halogen ones work well) and place it on the table in front of you to illuminate the viewing space.
Remove external distractions which means shutting windows and closing blinds.

2. Presentation
Wear formal attire, as you would in a normal interview (and not your P.J.!). Next, ensure that your body is central to the camera’s view and that you are directly facing into the camera.
Make sure that your desk, (which makes up the interview area that employers will see) is tidy and organized. Also, make sure the camera is close enough to your face so that facial expressions can be read, as you will be able to more effectively communicate your emotions just like in a real interview.

3. The camera
If the web cam of your computer camera is not up to speed, buy or borrow a top quality one so that sound and visuals are of the highest order. Make sure that camera view is set up so it can see your upper body, including arms and hands because body language (which will be shown through your upper torso), is a crucial part of communication that you do not want to be lost through a visually restrictive video interviewing experience.

4. Strategy during the interview
Sit up straight and don’t slouch during the interview and ensure that you look into the camera regularly as this will seem to the interviewer that you are looking them in the eye, and, as we all know, regular eye contact is a key part of effective interviewing.
Video interviews can dampen your personality so you may need to over emphasize your facial expressions and gesturing to make sure that you appear suitably engaged and enthusiastic.

5. Practice your video interviewing
As you would with a traditional interview, you should practice answering likely interview questions, but you should do this into the camera and both record it and ask a friend to review and give you honest feedback. Make sure you get in to your interview attire and set the environment up as I have mentioned above and make sure you follow the behavioral tips mentioned above. Following evaluation of your skype interview you can then make changes to your performance and/or environment to help you deliver a more effective video interview.

5 Tips To Improve Your Video Interview

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