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Experienced professionals looking for new challenging destinations (Part 2)


(Part 2/3)

As with any international relocation, the two fundamental dimensions which a person will consider are professional and personal. This is where the specific needs of this group appear.

The aspects influencing the working situation are varied. As international recruitment agency, we are recently more and more often faced with the singularities of the situations of the 30-40 year-olds.  From a formal point of view, diplomas obtained before the Bologna reform will less likely be recognized abroad, adding an additional hurdle to the integration process abroad. Furthermore, European countries have, albeit their proximity, maintained very idiosyncratic working cultures, with variable value attached to previous working experience vs. the type of education, hard skills vs. soft skills or reputation of a specific educational institution.

All these factors can potentially result in a decrease of employability within a foreign market, thus making the possibility of an international less attractive to this specific population.

Not only professional but also personal challenges should be taken into account. Based on the interviews we conduct every day, more and more Spanish citizens with experience and valuable know-how in their sector are interested in continuing their career development abroad. The number of professionals aged 35-44 who have left Spain to settle down, for example in Germany, has doubled between 2011 and 2012. This implies a significant change in the structure of Spanish migration flows, until now dominated by young recent graduates. We are facing an increase in the number of professionals who are looking not only to improve their employability but also their quality of life. Germany is one of the most chosen destinations by these professionals, with a particular focus on the engineering and especially the automotive sector.

In 2012, Germany was amongst the top three destination countries for professionals 35-44 years and 4th among the group of 45-54 year olds. Namely, we observed a great interest in the recruitment project for the company Boshoku Automotive Europe, a part of the Toyota Boshoku group, specializing in the design and production of interior car parts for the automotive manufacturers. The company is currently identifying talents in Spain to join their offices in Germany in the forthcoming months due to their fast expansion in the market in Central Europe (including Germany, Poland and Czech Republic).

(To be continued next week)

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