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Made-to-measure HR

Made-to-measure HR



Our Tailor-made Human Resource Management service aims to give your selection process the necessary focus to achieve the desired results. In Talent Search People we are concerned to cover, in the most personalized way possible, the needs of the employer, looking for and managing the talent in all its dimensions. The main services offered in this area are:


Assessment Center & Tests
TSP | Consulting conducts Assessment Centers in order to precisely evaluate candidates’ individual and/or group skills and aptitudes. This objective is reached through various tests and group dynamics, picked and designed specifically to meet the client’s needs.

Performance Evaluation
We offers to carry out a comprehensive, systematic and objective performance and work behavior evaluation of professionals within a company thanks to internal tools designed specifically to fit the companies’ characteristics and needs.

Internal promotion
The internal promotion process developed by TSP | Consulting allows a precise evaluation of professional competencies in order to later detect one’s potential of growth and capacities to develop within the company.

Candidate Research
TSP | Consulting locates candidates who correspond to the targeted profile previously defined by the client and pre-identified on a specific market. An in-depth analysis of the profile is developed before presenting a final report going over all the information obtained.

Recruitment of Interns, Graduates & Trainees
We provide the complete management for recruitment process 
oriented towards students and/or young graduates. These profiles are then incorporated in the company through a specific training and development program.


Prescreening and Mass Selection
We organize customizable prescreening processes for those who wish to incorporate a high volume of candidates at the same time. This service also includes the CV management, initial screening, pre-selection of candidates and the diffusion of publications of the offer along with marketing materials and tools amongst others. 

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