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How to find a job in LinkedIn?

Last week, Talent Search People offered a free workshop on how to find employment through LinkedIn. The workshop was held at the University of Barcelona’s Alumni headquarters and the attendees were able to learn first-hand how to position their profiles on LinkedIn in order to be found by recruiters more easily.

The training was given by three consultants from different divisions of Talent Search People as well as the Account Manager of the IT & E-Commerce division. Thanks to this variety, the attendees got the opportunity to get positioned on LinkedIn according to their sector and smaller working groups were organised so that everyone could participate.

Cristina González, Recruitment Consultant from the Sales division, said “the experience was very rewarding and enriching”. For her part, Esther Scherer, International Recruiter from the Native Speakers division, stated that “the workshop was very fruitful and productive”.

Undoubtedly, these are the kind of experiences that forge the values ​​of a recruitment agency and strengthen the idea of ​​offering a service to its clients and candidates in line with the company's core values: commitment to excellence, passion and close personal attention.

You can see more photos of the event on our Facebook fanpage:


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