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Talent Dans Le Noir

Talent Search People is pleased to announce a one of a kind recruitment event, and a brand new initiative in Spain, which will take place in Barcelona on 7th May 2013!

We have teamed up with restaurant Dans Le Noir in order to offer 50 lucky candidates the chance of participating in our very first edition of ´blind interviews´. This is exactly what it says; interviews carried out completely in the dark.


Why in the dark? Because we believe that this event will allow candidates to present themselves for job positions without discrimination, inhibitions or worrying about the little things that normally we must consider before an interview (what to wear, for example).  We hope this encourages candidates to speak freely about their interest in the job, their experience and their goals in a relaxed and informal setting.

So this is how it will work: recruitment consulters from our divisions (IT & E-commerce, Sales, Finance, Native Speakers and Europe) will be at the event to give express interviews, which will last approximately 10 minutes each, for various vacancies that we have open.  Following the event, and if your professional profile is a good match for the position, Talent Search People will contact you in order to proceed to the next phase of the selection process in our Barcelona offices.

So now all we need is you! We have 50 free tickets to the event, which will be given to the first 50 people who apply.  Keep checking our webpage, Facebook and Twitter (follow #TalentDansLeNoir) pages for more information about how to sign up in the next few days!

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