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International Talent

Talent Search People continues to inspire confidence in a growing number of international clients.

Since it was launched approximately one year ago, Talent Search People´s newest line of business “Talent Search People | Europe” has been adding more and more international companies to its portfolio.  Due to this ever increasing number, the department managers recently travelled to Prague and Berlin in order to strengthen relationships with their clients.

“During 2013, we aim to visit our international clients much more frequently.  Our main objective is to forge closer relationships with those in Eastern Europe, as we carry out a large part of our business activity there”, commented Mireia Huguet (EMEA Account Manager), following her stay in the Czech capital.

Another of Talent Search People´s goals for this year is to be more present at international events.  “During the Programme 2013, organised by Connecting Group in Berlin, we realised just how important active participation in European fairs is.  They allow us to meet and share experiences with other great professionals, which helps us to flourish in our international adventure”, explained Inês Fonseca (EMEA Recruitment Manager).

The recruitment agency plans to attend and organise various events related to Human Resources and employment over the coming months, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date.

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