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Talent Dans Le Noir

Yesterday, on 7th May 2013, we celebrated the very first edition of our interviews in the dark! In collaboration with restaurant Dans Le Noir? Barcelona, we were able to offer a group of candidates the opportunity to carry out express interviews with our team of recruiters in an unusual and unforgettable setting.

Talent Search People organised this event with the idea of stripping back any inhibitions that you may find yourself with in an ordinary job interview.  The candidates were able to talk freely about their professional and academic experiences with our experienced recruitment consulters, in a less pressurised environment.


We have received excellent feedback about the event, with one candidate saying:

“I would like to congratulate you once again for the event that took place yesterday. Let me tell you that you made me feel active in the job hunt again and part of a new project.  Please congratulate all the components of the team, the management and the recruiters who treated me in an impeccable manner.  Finally, I would encourage you to repeat this experience as I am sure that it will yield many benefits.”

Thank you to everyone who participated and made it a success, and keep watching for the next event!

To see more photos of this event, go to our Facebook page!

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