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Talent Search People has been getting about!

Last week we were fortunate enough to be invited to speak at two international conferences here in Barcelona!

The first was the EMEA HR Business Summit n which Account Manager Inês Fonseca and Recruitment Manager Mireia Huguet participated, together with 40 HR Managers of major firms.  The conference was set up with the objective of discussing and sharing ideas related to HR such as global trends, strategies for success and employer branding.  Inês gave a detailed presentation about Social Recruitment and how to use the social networks to build your brand.  Inês explains, “It is impossible to ignore the ever-increasing importance of Social Recruitment.  As a brand, we must define our strategy: how, when and where to be present online and how to measure the results.  The image of a brand, both online and offline, must be nurtured, transparent and in line with your marketing strategies.”

The second conference was organsised by the European University, in collaboration with Grenoble School of Business.  Janika Nurmelaid, Recruitment Manager, and Inês Fonseca were both in attendance to give a presentation about recruitment profiles, starting or changing careers in Spain and which job sectors are currently in high demand.

All in all, a great week for Talent Search People!

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