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Talent Search People: more than a year with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation

For over a year, the international recruitment agency, Talent Search People, has been strongly committed to CSR initiatives. “We contribute to improving our society by supporting different actions that fit perfectly with our company values​​: authenticity, humility, empathy, generosity, passion and commitment” - says its director, José Manuel Nogueras.

Some of the activities in which the consultancy is involved are:

- Collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to promote human and economic development in South India. This involves giving support to infrastructure and other community resources in education, health, social inclusion and community development.

- Participation in the project Tapones para una nueva vida (‘Caps for a new life’).Talent Search People joined this initiative consisting of collecting as many plastic caps as possible in order to send them to an NGO.

- Recycling. Our recycling plan involves all components of the company to promote the reuse and recycling of waste.

- Project Daukaia. As an International Recruitment Agency, we are committed to providing training in Human Resources to volunteers of the Daukaia project. Thanks to this, they are then able to carry out the selection of teachers in Nicaragua to develop an educational project in this country.

- Employment training. As part of our commitment to employment, we hold talks and workshops for candidates to increase their chances of finding new job opportunities.

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