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More than 500 job opportunities

The most demanded skills are: languages, technological knowledge and sales. And outside of Spain, the countries that have required the most professionals these last months are the UK, Portugal and Poland

70% of the job opportunities that the consultancy offers are located in Spain

The international recruitment consultancy offers, through their webpage, www.talentsearchpeople.com, more than 500 job offers. It had never reached this amount before and the aim is to reach and better it in the following days.
Talent Search People is within the top 3 companies that offers the most vacancies according to the job portal: infojobs.

Concerning the most demanded profiles, these are from people that can speak more than one language, have a good presence and can manage new technologies. In Europe people who can speak several languages are in a clear advantatge in an international growing market. The demand for people that can provide a satisfying customer service is also growing. These people are more and more needed in companies that are expanding into an international market, and therefore, the importance of the fact that languages represent an advantatge becomes essential. Finally, concerning the most demanded profiles, we can find the ones of the people that are involved with programming and software engeneering. If there's an ever growing sector it is the computer and mobile technology one. The constant evolution and technological progress have become a vital asset for any company. It is also in this sector where a good customer service and the ability of providing technical knowledge is highly valued.

From the nearly 500 job offers that the international recruitment consultancy offers, more than 300 are found in Spanish territory. The next locations where Talent Search People seeks more professionals are: Portugal, the UK and Poland respectively. The recent need for workers in Poland has grown fiercely in the latest months of the year. In its entirety, the work places that Talent Search People offers come from all over Europe.

Beyond the most popular profiles, the consultancy also offers opportunities for professionals in the area of human resources, automotive, tourism and book publishing. There's also a great demand for highly qualified senior professionals for temporal projects, which is known as Interim Management. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in different sectors.

Talent Search People is running the recruitment of these vacancies for clients that have been newly created, startups, and big multinationals located in Spain and other European countries. The majority of jobs offered have permanent contracts.


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