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Success of the III Feria de los Idiomas-Go Global

Last weekend the Madrid Palacio de Neptuno hosted the III Feria de los Idiomas (III Fair for Languages) ​​- Go Global.

The event was a perfect meeting point for those interested in taking a language course abroad. Students, parents, teachers and young professionals had the opportunity to attend a series of workshops and presentations, and they were able to get first hand information about more than 40 destinations to start planning their stay abroad.

The opening ceremony was based around the role of English and the importance of languages ​​in the development of business and job creation. Regarding this issue, our expert on international recruitment, Magda Blazejewska, presented her study, “Vende tu TALENTO por el mundo" (“Sell your TALENT around the world"), where she provided very interesting ideas about finding employment abroad. "The event was fantastic and the attendees were very interested and participated throughout the workshop" - says Blazejewska.

In addition to the collaboration of Talent Search People, this III Feria de los Idiomas also had the presence of recognised institutions and companies, such as the Canadian Embassy, the Hispano- Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the International University of La Rioja.

If you are interested about this topic, you can see the full presentation Magda gave through this link.

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