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Pitch Bootcamp Barcelona

Talent Search People has the honour of hosting, for the first time ever in Spain, Pitch Bootcamp, a leading job accelerator project and a success case study in Portugal. This will be the 20th edition and the first time in Spain. So far the program has put together 2,200 youngsters with 450 companies and 25 academic institutions, successfully creating more than 600 jobs.

Pitch Bootcamp will put together 50 recent graduates/university students and 25 companies. During the two days in which the event will take place, the participants will be immersed among post-its, work and development of a business model for their professional career. They will improve their abilities and skills, get to know future possible employees, learn how to communicate and present themselves in a lively, friendly and empathetic environment. This is a completely practical experience, during the first day there will be training and then on the second day the participants will put into practise everything they have learnt the previous day, being able to present themselves to important companies.

This is a completely new and refreshing way of connecting companies with young people that want to immerse themselves into the working world and Talent Search People has its full support. The international recruitment agency is very excited to be bringing it to Spain for the first time.

Have a watch of the video below to find out more information about the amazing event that is Pitch Bootcamp.

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