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Spanish university students needed to have previous work experience by the time they reach the end of their studies to be able to have an easier time finding a job.

This month, being June, we are in the midst of final university exams as well as the selectivity tests for jobs, so there are lots of decisions to be made by young Spanish people. Many of them find it difficult task choosing a degree that they like that also opens up doors for them to the working world; for this reason it´s important that they value the options of working during their studies.

According to Tiago Santos, Operations Director at the international recruitment agency Talent Search People, there is a big difference between the knowledge that one acquires at university and the real demand from companies: “Lots of Spanish graduates finish their studies and find themselves lost in a labour market that is continuously looking for junior professionals who have certain experience”.

Talent Search People recommend that university students don´t wait until their final year of their degree to enter the labour market, but that they make the most of the opportunity to complete work experience and internships in companies. “Internships give students an added value and put them ahead of other recent graduates in a selection process, they help then know about the reality of the working world as well as take on responsibilities”, states Santos.

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