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The Potential of Interim Management

Until now we had thought that the people who constantly changed their job gave a bad image to recruiters, but these movements are not always negative, in fact they are called ´job hoppers´.

There ´job hoppers´ define themselves as a group of people who, far from being a threat to companies, are the future talent with a tendency for quick learning and growth. They speak to us about the pursuit of happiness, translated into interesting jobs, ready for a challenge, mobile, fun and permit a balance in their personal and professional life.

The job hoppers are decided to take control of their careers, reflected in an idea to work differently from previous generations.

´ Work is something that a person does, not a place where someone goes.´
´It should be fun, stimulating, challenging.´
´Preferring innovative companies, involved with topics that are upcoming right now.´
… Are some of the ideas that defend this type of professional behavior.

On the other hand, the concept of the variable ´time´ with ´permanent employment´ has changed radically, just as much for the employees as the contracting employees. Being in the office for fewer hours does not mean a lack of commitment, but a new way to view the working day. Previously, between the 70´s and 90´s, the amount of changes in employment was viewed as disloyalty and a black mark on the CV. However, nowadays this is considered to be a requirement for rapid advancement and growth.
It´s important that before jumping from one job to another, considering whether the post fits the professional profile by analyzing daily tasks of the new role clear to be able to make this decision. Evaluate whether the new post would be an enriching experience that would add to the CV or would it purely be for financial gain.

The profiles of these job hoppers are not what we would usually expect to see, and Talent Search People knows that very well, due to their department of Interim Management, consisting of placing a profile in an organization temporarily as Interim Managers in order to achieve a high impact in functions or specific objectives.
The placements of this kind can vary from between one month to one year. They are highly qualified professionals, deliberately over qualified for the position and are capable of achieving fast results thanks to their experience and abilities. With this, they are able to support the companies to manage changes, projects, radical transformations and cover short term necessities. Supporting a local market, cultural comprehension and extensive experience, guarantees the best talent to meet company´s demands. 

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