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50 people increase their professional opportunities at Pitch With Talent

Summer is the time of the year when most people decide to make a change in their professional lives. Bearing this in mind, the international consulting agency Talent Search People (TSP) has organized an event on Tuesday 22nd March, the first edition of Pitch With Talent, an event that combines job interviews with the calm atmosphere of a café.

During an hour and a half, the consultants from Talent Search People received more than 50 people who had the opportunity to do a ´pitch´ about themselves and talk about their professional aims and expectations for 5 minutes, in the style of ´speed dating´. After the delegated time, the candidates left the table for others to take their place.

In this way, the consultants were able to get to know the candidates that could fulfill a job vacancy in their chosen field, with over 650 vacancies available that the company currently manages. The candidates have been able to increase their visibility ahead of other candidates for the selection process by automatically putting themselves in the first row for the consultants who have already had the opportunity to become familiar with their profiles. 

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