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TSP | Consulting launches its first study “LinkedIn: Analysis of labour trends”

TSP | Consulting
, the new business line of Talent Search People, has launched its first market study: “LinkedIn: Analysis of labour trends” in the aim of shedding light on this professional network that now has more than 300 million users across the world. It provides a global overview of the labour market according to the current trends within LinkedIn.

TSP | Consulting has developed this study drawing on data from August for Spain, where 40% of the active population has a LinkedIn profile, as well as for other countries such as Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, France, United States and China. A summary of this survey is available on Talent Search People website, and those interested may request the complete version. It has been foreseen that this analysis be updated quarterly for Spain, and half-yearly for the other countries.

TSP | Consulting states that LinkedIn is nowadays one the most powerful tools in the field of recruitment, so studying its users’ trends is vital to understand how the labour market operates at all levels. In Spain, the number of LinkedIn users keeps increasing. From the beginning of this year, this figure has increased by 12%, and most users are aged between 25 and 34 years (39%).

You can find further information about TSP | Consulting here. To request the full version of this study, send an email to consulting@talentsearchpeople.com.

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