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Pitch Bootcamp, another way for campanies to Networking

It is clear that Pitch Bootcamp is not just a great opportunity for young people seeking new opportunities and looking to develop business acumen.
It is also a chance to develop links with other companies in different sectors. As one of the Development Manager´s of a company who was present at the last edition, Pitch Bootcamp “was an amazing experience where during more than four hours I had the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with other colleagues from different companies as well as being able to meet many talented participants who are working very hard to find a job”.

This type of networking between businesses helps generate a group of contacts within the same business environment where they can exchange valuable information with the possibility of finding new business opportunities.

In the same way, another participant commented that "this is one of the experiences that make society better, as experience always helps young people, those with the new talent".

These talents form the new foundations that in the future will become part of aspiring companies. In this way, it is a long term investment, not only in the future of these young people, but also in the future of the business scene as a whole.

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